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Villa Power Base DaisyLink (2 Power with Optional Active USB and Data)

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Product Description

Villa Power Base DaisyLink - 2 Power with Active USB and Data Options - ECA provides a built in power source to charge tablets, laptops, and phones. Choose from multiple finishes to add a sleek look to any meeting room, school, or workspace. UL listed unit ensures high quality and safety.

  • UL listed
  • Villa Power Base is available in black, white, or silver finish
  • Standard power infeed length 72", call for custom lengths

DaisyLink Components – Available Individually

Quick Disconnect Insert Single Circuit 20 Amp Power Infeed with 72 inch Molded Plug Multi-Circuit Hardwire Power Feed Female/Female Interconnection Cable Female/Male Interconnection Cable

Product Videos

Villa Power Base DaisyLink | Collaborative Power Outlets