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Loox5 LED Lighting

Hafele's Loox5 LED Lighting creates beautiful ambient and accent lighting for any home, office, gallery, storefront, or workspace. Shop multiwhite, RGB, bluetooth control, dimmable, and flexible lighting solutions to add the perfect look and style to any area. Whether you are looking to add spot lighting to a display case or multicolor ambient lighting to an entire room, our customizable lighting solutions can be designed to fit any size space. We offer the complete selection of Loox5 12V and 24V products including drivers, distributors, switches, light strips, and light pucks.

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We offer the complete line of Loox5 12V and 24V LED lighting systems, both with quick connect installation, for residential and commercial applications. Enjoy high output 24V systems for larger projects, or install a more compact and customizable 12V system wherever you need.

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Hafele Loox5 12V

Loox5 12V Lighting Systems provide a lower cost, more customizable option for residential ambient and task lighting. Closer proximity LEDs allow more compact lighting and more flexible light strip sizes while maintaining the same brightness and ease of connection.

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Hafele Loox5 24V

Loox5 24V Lighting Systems offer higher wattage outputs for larger or more complex lighting systems. Add powerful task lighting to a workspace, or ambient lighting to large furniture displays with easy connect 24V compatible pucks, strips, multicolor lights, and even bluetooth control lighting.

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We offer all the components needed to build the perfect lighting system in any kitchen, closet, pantry, home, or office. Shop our selection of Loox5 parts designed to build your custom lighting solution from powerful drivers to RGB light strips, dimmable puck lights, bluetooth switches and more.

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Puck Lights

Ideal for point, accent, and task lighting, Loox5 LED Puck Lights easily install with surface mount and recessed mounting options. Choose from dimmable, multiwhite, and even RGB options for any space.

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Light Strips

Smooth, even lighting and flexible installation options make Loox5 LED Light Strips ideal for installation in kitchens, drawers, displays, furniture, closets, or offices. Create beautiful, modern ambient lighting displays in any home.

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Switches & Dimmers

Control your LED Lights in any space with motion sensors, bluetooth controllers, toggle switches, door activated switches, dimmers, and more. Add convenient automatic task lighting or create perfect ambient lighting with just a touch.

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Power Distributors

Use simple click in connectors to connect multiple puck lights or light strips to one power source for modular plug and play LED lighting systems. Power Distributors enable switches and dimmers, as well as RGB or Multiwhite lighting.

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Power Supply Drivers

Easily plug directly into any wall outlet to provide reliable, constant wattage to your LED lighting system. Quick connect power outputs allow plug and play setup with power distributors and splitters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What components do I need for a Loox5 Lighting system?
  • Typical lighting systems will need a driver which plugs into the wall, a distributor to connect all the lights, a switch to control the system, and the puck or strip lights themselves. Loox5 lights are extremely customizable to your needs, and more information about how these components work together can be found here.

  • Should I choose 12V or 24V?
  • 24V lighting offers higher wattage potential and suffers less power loss over larger lighting systems. For more compact or precise applications, 12V light strips use closer diodes and can be cut to more precise sizes. Both systems offer the same level of brightness and reliability.

  • How can I control my LED Lighting?
  • Physical switches, motion sensors, dimmers, bluetooth touchpads, and even phone connected controls connect to distributors for the ultimate control of your lighting setup. For more information about the dypes of switches, click here.

  • How are all the lights and components connected?
  • Loox5 lighting uses a unique snap in quick connection system that allows anyone to easily create their own light display. Most products will include the wires necessary to connect them, and additional connectors are available separately. Please note that 12V and 24V connections are not compatible with one another, so all parts must be from the same system.

  • How do I install Loox5 Lights?
  • Many products offer various mounting styles from recessed puck lights to simple surface mount profiles for strip lights. Strip lights can even be cut to length and linked together for fully custom lighting setups even in small places.

LED Lighting from Harbor City Supply

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