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Loox5 Getting Started: Understanding LED Lighting Components

Loox5 Getting Started: Understanding LED Lighting Components

Posted by Andrew Flannery on 7th Jul 2023

The Loox5 LED Lighting system prioritizes ease of installation and integration, making it a popular choice among professionals and homeowners alike. Whether it's under cabinet lighting, task lighting, or ambient lighting, the Loox5 system can be customized by choosing hardware right for your space.

Take a look at our visual guide for building an LED system:

Components chart



1. Drivers plug directly in wall outlets to power your lighting system to convert the electrical current into a suitable voltage for the LEDs. We offer different models to accomplish different roles and power outputs to complete your custom systems.



2. Distributors act as a hub for distributing power to multiple LED lighting fixtures. They receive power directly from the driver which then is outputted to attached light strips, puck lights, or adapters for different colors. Distributors are available with different functionalities, some including built in switches and even Bluetooth compatibility.


Multi White / RGB Distributors

3. Multi White / RGB Distributors act as an adapter for multicolor lights, enabling warm and colorful tones in public and private spaces. A multi-port connection is required when attaching these to distributors, multi white adapters require 2 inputs while RGB require 3 inputs to attach to a distributor.


Pucks and Strip Lights

4. Pucks and Strip Lights illuminate to create task and ambient lighting, as a result of your entire backend Loox5 system. Shop strip light profiles and light smoothers and diffusers to complement your lighting. Pucks are available in recessed and surface mounting to achieve the lighting setup you want in cabinets, workstations, furniture, and more.


Switches and Dimmers

5. Switches and Dimmers enable customized control over the lighting environment. Switches allow users to turn lights on and off, with some offering dimming functionality to set different moods and ambiance. Choose between models offering manual switches, room and door sensors, and even Bluetooth compatibility.


Here's how to connect your new components:


System Voltage Compatibility

When putting together your lighting system you will notice that all Loox5 products operate on either 12 or 24 volt systems. Components, lights, and connectors you plan to connect all must be from the same voltage system for everything to work. Both systems have unique connector cables which will only attach to matching voltage distributors.


Box to Box

Distributors to Drivers

When you connect a distributor to a driver you will have two ways to join them. Distributors easily connect for a more compact setup. For more flexibility, the two can be can be connected via extension lead.


Light Strips

LED Strip and Puck Lights

LED strip and puck lights feature a wired connection to compatible distributors for illumination. If lead isn't already attached to the light, main power leads will be available as an option on their product page. Strip lights also include the option of interconnecting leads, which act as extension cables between two strip lights.

Light Strips

Switches and Dimmers

Connecting switches and dimmers to distributors is easy with a snap in connection lead, available as an option on switch product pages that require it. For Bluetooth enabled distributors you simply connect smart devices or Bluetooth switches for wireless control.


Shop Components to Complete Your Custom System

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