Hewi Recessed Pulls

Install Hewi nylon recessed cabinet pulls for low-profile cabinet door or drawer hardware in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. Recessed cabinet pulls sit flush with the front of your cabinet drawer or door face, and are ideal for cabinet hardware applications where limited space, high traffic, or impacts from rolling carts or tables make it unfavorable to have cabinet hardware sticking out from the front of your cabinets.

The bright, bold finishes available with Hewi nylon recessed cabinet pulls make them ideal for nurseries and kid's bedrooms and playrooms, while the more muted black, white, and grey finishes are ideal for kitchens or offices looking for a unique alternative to traditional brass or aluminum cabinet hardware. Recessed nylon pulls by Hewi are available in round, half round, and rectangular shapes, and are also great for sliding pocket door hardware applications where flush pulls are needed to allow the door to slide back into the pocket without obstruction.

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