Hewi Cabinet Knobs

We carry Hewi nylon cabinet door knobs in a wide variety of sizes and finishes for a designer alternative to basic brass, aluminum, or stainless steel cabinet hardware. Hewi nylon cabinet knobs offer bright blue, yellow, and red finishes for eccentric cabinet pieces or for furniture in nurseries and children's rooms, but also provide more understated finishes such as white, black, and three unique shades of grey for more sophisticated projects such as offices or adult bedrooms and closets.

Hewi nylon cabinet door knobs feature bacteria-free ultramid nylon construction, meaning that their non-porous surface will not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture and humidity, and will not transfer germs from one individual to the next. Installing Hewi nylon cabinet door hardware is a great way to spruce up tired, underwhelming armoires, vanity cabinets, and storage cabinets, thus avoiding or delaying the need to invest in new furniture pieces. 

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