Hewi Shower Seats

We supply Hewi nylon folding shower seats and flip up bathtub benches for both commercial and residential shower areas where individuals either need a place to rest during long showers or are transferring themselves to the shower seat from a wheelchair. ADA compliant Hewi nylon shower seats fold up flat against the wall when not in use, and easily fold down into position when the user is ready to be seated. Hewi also offers hanging nylon shower seats and LifeSystem shower stools, both of which are removable in the event that space is needed within the shower or if the user moves frequently from one shower to another.

Hewi nylon shower seats and bathtub benches offer germ and bacteria-free ultramid nylon surfaces to prevent rusting or corrosion throughout years and years of use, while the bright colorful nylon finishes add a touch of whimsy to what is otherwise often a drab and institutional shower accessory. Whether you're adding a shower seat because of an immediate need or simply planning for the future, installing Hewi folding shower seats improves balance and safety in the shower and offers the opportunity for more independent personal care. 

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