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Fire Extinguishers

We supply commercial safety fire extinguishers by JL Industries and Larsen's featuring multi-purpose extinguishers, wet or dry chemical extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers, and pressurized water fire extinguishers for commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and warehouses. In the event of a fire it is important to have not only the correct type of fire extinguisher on hand, but to have them easily identifiable and accessible for workers or fire safety engineers charged with containing the fire.

Our commercial fire extinguishers are available for Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class K fire varieties and in a wide range of weight ratings to accommodate the exact requirements based on the square footage and expected occupancy of your commercial building. The popular JL Industries line of fire extinguishers includes the Cosmic All Purpose extinguisher, Galaxy Dry Chemical extinguisher, Saturn Wet Chemical extinguisher, the Sentinel Carbon Dioxide extinguisher, and Mercury Halotron 1 fire extinguisher series.