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Toilet Partitions

We sell public restroom toilet partition stalls, urinal dividers, and privacy screens for bathrooms in new building construction designs and remodeling projects. Our toilet partition dividers and screens are available in powder coated, stainless steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, and solid phenolic materials, allowing us to supply you with toilet partitions that meet the needs of your bathroom while staying within your budget. The four basic bathroom toilet stall layouts are In Corner, Between Wall, Free Standing, and Alcove partitions, but feel free to send us your own drawings and dimensions if your toilet partitions require sizes and designs not shown on our site. 

Whether you need simple, budget-friendly powder coated toilet stalls for a church or restaurant, or heavy duty solid plastic HDPE partitions for bathrooms at a public pool or outdoor toilets at a campground, will make sure you have the partition material and stall sizes that work best for your project. In addition to new bathroom toilet partitions and screens, we also offer replacement doors, panels, pilasters, and hardware from most major partition manufacturers, allowing you to replace only the missing or damaged pieces of an existing toilet stall setup and save the cost, time, and hassle of a complete toilet partition remodel.

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