Roof Hatches

We sell galvanized steel and aluminum commercial roof hatches by Milcor, Cendrex, JL Industries, and Babcock Davis for secure, convenient access to building rooftops. Our commercial roof access hatches come standard with curb and flange for securing the roof hatch to the roof deck, and feature heavy duty hinges, locking slam latch, and automatic hold open arms for securing the hatch lid while in the open position.

Our commercial roof access hatches are available in a variety of standard sizes with single or double leaf door construction for new building design projects, but are also available in custom sizes for retrofit roof hatch applications with an existing roof opening. Heavy duty commercial roof hatches offer simple, unobstructed access to building rooftop areas when in the open position, while maintaining a secure, complete seal and barrier to outside weather, moisture, and drafts when in the closed position.

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