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Divider Doors, Pilasters, & Panels

We offer replacement toilet partition parts, doors, panels, and pilasters for existing bathroom stall dividers where pieces of the partitions have become worn or damaged but the rest of the materials are in good enough shape that it makes sense to replace only certain doors and panels to extend the life of the existing stalls. distributes for all major toilet partition manufacturing companies such as Mills, Bobrick, AAMCO, AMPCO, Comtec, Columbia, Global, and Hiny Hiders, meaning that we can match finishes and that the replacement pieces will fit seamlessly into your existing public restroom toilet stall partition layout.

Replacement toilet partition doors, panels, and pilasters save you the time, energy, cost, and hassle of replacing your entire bathroom stall divider design, especially for high traffic, high abuse environments such as restaurants, bars, schools, and event venues where pieces can be easily damaged despite the stalls being only a few years old. We offer HDPE solid plastic, satin stainless steel, powder coated, phenolic, and plastic laminate toilet partition pieces for a quick fix regardless of what type or brand of bathroom toilet partitions you currently have.

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