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Roof Hatch Safety Railing

We supply roof hatch safety railing systems and ladder up safety posts by JL Industries, Babcock Davis, and Milcor to protect against fall hazards for personnel working in or around an open commercial roof hatch and for individuals climbing up or down a ladder leading to a roof hatch. Roof hatch safety rail systems and extendable or folding safety posts provide safe, secure ascent and descent through the roof hatch, while preventing fall accidents for workers who may lose their balance in the vicinity of the open roof hatch.

Roof hatch safety railing systems and ladder mounted safety posts by JL Industries and Babcock Davis are essential to any commercial building project where roof hatches provide roof access for personnel and equipment on a regular basis. We recommend using either an extendable or folding safety post for convenient, supportive balance while climbing off of and onto fixed access ladders, as well as the fixed safety handrails with a bright yellow powder coated finish to alert workers of the roof opening when it is not being actively used.

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