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Rigid Grates

We sell Babcock Davis Rigid aluminum floor entrance grates and grilles for commercial entrances and walkways, including the GrateDesign, envIRONtread II, ScrapesGrate, and GrateDesign Thin Line collections. The Rigid entrance grate line from Babcock Davis features floor grilles with mechanically joined aluminum I-beams for the strongest, most heavy duty grate of its kind on the market, as well as thin line waffle grates with flat or serrated bar aluminum tread that removes dirt regardless of the direction of the traffic flow.

The popular envIRONtread II series floor grate features reversible aluminum mill rails with double-sided treads so that the grate may be flipped over when removed for cleaning the frame, thus increasing the life of the tread and greatly delaying the need to replace the entrance grate after years and years of use. Or get the best of both worlds with the ScrapesGrate floor grates by Babcock Davis, which alternates between scraper bars that remove water and dirt and ultra-absorbent tread that whisks debris away and funnels it underneath the mat.

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