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Shower/Dressing Combo

We offer shower stall and dressing compartment partitions featuring shower areas and changing rooms divided by a shower curtain or hinged door, providing a private compartment for changing into and out of clothes when entering or exiting the shower. We offer standard size stalls and ADA compliant handicap accessible stalls, as well as custom shower stall and dressing compartment combination units with layouts and dimensions built to suit the exact needs of your shower or locker room design. proudly offers HDPE solid plastic, solid phenolic, stainless steel, and powder coated shower stall and dressing compartments from leading manufacturers such as Mills, Comtec, Columbia Partitions, Global Partitions, Hiny Hiders, and All American Metal. Our shower stall and changing room combination partitions offer the utmost in privacy and security in public washrooms, and are ideal for gyms, locker rooms, public pools, and commercial workspaces where workers must shower before and/or after work.

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