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LED Lighting | Modular Design Makes It Easy

LED Lighting | Modular Design Makes It Easy

Posted by Gary Lederman on 16th Jan 2016

Plug and play is what our LED lighting system is all about. It’s made up of individual modular components that snap together to create any imaginable design layout. The color coded modules allow you to put your LED lighting system together without any mistakes.

Four main components are all there is to the LED Light System. They are the lights, switches, drivers, and power sources.

Lights – Different shapes, sizes, intensities, colors, and temperatures make finding lights that fit your design a breeze. The color coded plugs make it simple to attach to the proper driver.

Driver – The driver is the center of the system. Three different drivers, each with their own power level, are ready to accept an array of color coded lights and switches.

Switch – Our switches are universal and work with all three of our drivers. Motion switches, dimmer switches, on/off switches, or remote controlled switches simply plug in and are ready to bring life to your design.

Power Source - Any standard receptacle in your home or office will supply all the power you need. Simply plug the driver into your power source and the driver will convert the power level to a much lower voltage to correctly operate your lighting design. Do you want to hide your outlet in a cabinet or move it to a more secluded location? That decision is up to you and your electrician.

Now the fun really begins. Adding or changing a light, replacing an on/off switch with a dimmer switch, or having one light on a separate switch are all easy to do. Unplug one component and plug in another. It’s that simple. I guess that’s why they call it “Plug and Play”.

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