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Loox5 Getting Started: How Can Switches Control My Lighting?

Loox5 Getting Started: How Can Switches Control My Lighting?

Posted by Andrew Flannery on 23rd Aug 2023

Loox5 Switches and Dimmers offer convenient control over your LED system for any public or private location. Turn lights on and off, change color settings and color temperatures, dim lights, and even control remotely with our range of different types of switches and dimmers.



Activated by short-range motion, switches can be controlled by a close hand wave. Ideal in places like bedsides, workspaces, kitchens, and more.


These switches respond to the position of the door- open door means the lights are on, and when it's closed the lights turn off. This kind of lighting would be perfect for cabinets, pantries, garages, and hallways.


These detect motion in larger spaces. This is the type of switch that detects your movement and illuminates when you walk into a room. Ideal for illuminating offices, gyms, bathrooms, and more.


Manually operated switches are a good tactile solution for turning lights on and off in close proximity. Easily install in desks, entrances, furniture, and more for convenient control.


Controlling your lights wirelessly is a great solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Bluetooth control is available via smartphone connection, remote, or a variety of wall mount dongles.


Loox5 offers switches that include dimming ability for precise control over brightness levels. Control brightness wirelessly with Bluetooth switches, or directly on the switches wired directly to the distributor or driver.



How to connect switches and dimmers to your Loox5 system

Including switches and dimmers into your Loox5 system requires utilizing distributors that have switch ports or Bluetooth built in. Distributors that state "with switch ports" in their product title indicate that it will have open ports to directly plug in switches.

In order to connect your switch into the distributor a snap in connection lead will be required. This is available as an option on compatible switch product pages and comes in a few different lengths.



Bluetooth Compatibility

Bluetooth distributors enable wireless switching and dimming by connecting the distributor to a smartphone, Loox5 Bluetooth Remote Control, or Loox5 Bluetooth Light Switch for easy control.



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