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Where Do I Begin? | Power Data Stations

Where Do I Begin? | Power Data Stations

Posted by Gary Lederman on 19th Aug 2017

Choosing a power data grommet for your application is very easy.

Choosing the best power/data station for your project is much easier than it appears. Our units are designed to excel in a myriad of diverse environments. Each location’s purpose requires different solutions. Follow these easy steps and you will have the exact answer for your situation.

Where will the unit be used?

  • Open office spaces
  • Private offices
  • Training rooms
  • Open spaces like a waiting room or lounge areas
  • Desking or benching furniture used in libraries, schools, or learning centers
  • Conference or meeting rooms
  • Collaborative meeting areas

How many devices and users will need to share power and data sources?

  • One user charging a laptop or phone
  • Several users requiring power and data access
  • Multiple users sharing ideas on a common monitor

What’s the best style?

  • Large table troughs
  • Built-in table top outlets
  • Pop-up or flip-up built-in units
  • Under desk outlets
  • Free standing units
  • Removable units
  • Existing Hole
  • New Cut Out
  • Don’t Want Cut Out
  • Wireless Charging

What’s the best power feed?

  • Plug – Simply plug the unit into an existing receptacle
  • Hardwired – More permanent than a plug and usually necessary for commercial spaces
  • Daisylink - The perfect solution when flexible table arrangements or multiple circuits are necessary

What type of data connectors do I need?

  • RJ Connectors – Data transfers, computer networking, or phone connections
  • A/V Connectors - VGA, HDMI, Mini Stereo, RCA, or Fiber Optic
  • USB Connectors - Cell phones, tablets, as well as other portable or mobile devices

What finish should I choose?

  • Pick the finish that compliments your location and fits your project’s budget.

That’s it! We’ve narrowed down your choices to just one or two outlet solutions. Need more help? Just call, chat, or email us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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