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What's The Best Style Power Data Outlet For Your Workspace?

What's The Best Style Power Data Outlet For Your Workspace?

Posted by Gary Lederman on 25th Mar 2017

What's the best style power data outlet for your workspace? Bringing network connectivity and power to your workstation or meeting space is not only convenient, but also essential in today’s collaborative environment. Do this in style with our customized outlets that give you easy access to all your data and power connectivity needs. Power data grommets and outlets are available in many different shapes and sizes. The kind of installation and the type of environment will help determine which style outlet is best for you.

Relocatable Power Data Outlet from ECA.

Relocatable Units

Include relocatable power data outlets in your table, desk, or workstation building design to provide easy access for users to power receptacles, data and video connections, and active USB ports. The Seclusion series comes standard with brackets for installation above or below the desktop, and offers an optional clamp mount bracket for units that can be clamped in place when needed, and move and stored away when not needed.

Daisy Link Power Data Outlet from ECA.

Daisy Link Units

Harbor City Supply proudly offers Modular Daisy Link power outlet and data grommets for large rooms with modular furniture where multiple tables access power from a few wall or floor mounted power sources located on the outskirts of the room. The ingenious design by ECA works with a starter unit that is hardwired into the existing power source, which is then connected to a series of additional units via female-to-female connecting cables, thus creating an electrical daisy chain.

Free Standing Power Data Outlet from ECA.

Free Standing

We carry the Isle and Drifter free standing charging stations that require no installation and bring power outlets and active, charging USB ports within arm's reach for customers and clients in waiting rooms and meeting or hospitality areas. A simple 108" power cord with molded plug powers up all power receptacles and USB ports on these units, making it easy to power up or charge laptops, phones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices.

Built In Power Data Outlet from ECA.

Built In Units

Our built-in power data outlets are an essential component of building tables for an ergonomically-minded office environment. The convenience of never having to crawl around on the floor looking for a power receptacle, or crawl underneath your desk to access HDMI or USB ports on the back of your CPU, is a luxury that you'll soon find that you cannot do without.

Under Desk Power Data Outlet from ECA.

Under Desk Units

We carry a huge selection of under desk, skirt, or panel mounted power data grommet options for training tables, computer workstations, and desks. Our under desk power outlets by ECA offer increased accessibility to data, USB, HDMI, and VGA connections without ever having to leave your chair. We offer everything from single-user units such as the Axcent or Villa, to multi-user options such as the versatile UDT and stylish Seclusion series.

Color Your Workspace Power Data Outlet from ECA.

Color Your Workspace

Introducing the new ECA Color Your Workspace series of power and USB charging stations. Vivid RAL paint color options in blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and black bring fun, vibrant colors to the forefront of your office space design. Choose from the portable, multi-user Isle and Drifter charging centers or the desktop Seclusion power data station.

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