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The DaisyLink System Is The Right Choice For Multiple Units

The DaisyLink System Is The Right Choice For Multiple Units

Posted by Gary Lederman on 18th Aug 2017

DaisyLink connection in use: a QD wall plate attached to a built in unit. Overview of DaisyLink connectors and components.

The DaisyLink system is the right choice for multiple units. It is a unique solution for linking compatible ECA power and data units together in applications such as training tables, auditorium seating or conference rooms.

DaisyLink is available in single or multiple circuit solutions. It combines the ease and flexibility of a molded plug with a more versatile commercial application. Quickly and easily disconnect and reconnect multiple units without the need of an electrician. An overview of the DaisyLink system's features:

“No Particular Order” – Non-Sequential Connections - DaisyLink is a non-sequential system allowing you to move tables around without having to place them in color-coded or numbered sequence order providing the ultimate in flexibility. Units configured with the DaisyLink system have no restrictions on order of connection making it simple and easy to reconfigure on the go.

Daisy-T Power Manager - The Daisy-T Power Manager is small in size but big in capability. Daisy-T is an integral part of our 4 wire, 2 circuit system providing connections for; power in, power out and grommet power.

Daisy-T provides a convenient method for docking all connectors in one place and can be easily mounted to different areas beneath the surface. Note: When using the Interact power data unit the Daisy-T is built into the Interact eliminating the need for an external Daisy-T.

DaisyLink is UL Listed - All components of the 4 Wire configuration of DaisyLink are UL Listed eliminating the cost and time required to have your furniture Listed individually.

“First Make, Last Break” - Safety Feature DaisyLink cables are equipped with our First Make, Last Break safety feature. When connecting the cabling the ground terminals are the first to connect and the last to disconnect ensuring a continuous ground before and after power is supplied.

Multiple Options for Power Feeds - The DaisyLink system provides various options for power feeds. Our unique Quick Disconnect box provides all the functionality of a hardwire solution with the convenience of a corded solution.

Endless Options - A variety of grommet and power base styles and finishes are available to accommodate your design requirements

DaisyLink Cable Covers - An optional nylon braided black covering that provides an environmentally friendly solution to traditional non-metallic PVC cabling while enhancing the aesthetics underneath the table.

Easy to Specify - DaisyLink Quick Kits were designed to make specifying easy. One order number will provide all the necessary components and cabling to outfit popular table lengths. In addition, we also offer a “Link Your Own” ordering structure for more custom configurations.

A Number of Units Can Be Connected on One Circuit

  • Villa:10 units per circuit - 20 units total
  • Seclusion 1 and 2: 10 units per circuit - 20 units total
  • Seclusion 3  ( 7 units per circuit - 14 units total
  • Seclusion 4: 5 units per circuit - 10 units total
  • Interact: 10 units per circuit - 20 units total
  • Interface I: 5 units per circuit - 20 units total
  • Interface II: 2 units per circuit - 8 units total

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