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Multiple Users Share Ideas On One Screen | Collaborative Meeting Technologies

Multiple Users Share Ideas On One Screen | Collaborative Meeting Technologies

Posted by Gary Lederman on 19th Aug 2017

Multiple users share ideas on one screen every day in the modern office. ECA's new line of technology solutions make these collaborative meetings easy to orchestrate. Whether they're meeting in a formal or informal setting, users can share onto a single large screen with the simple push of a button. These solutions are user friendly, utilize high resolution HDMI technology and can be incorporated into any furniture line.

Getaway is a portable unit. Bring it to a meeting, connect the group's devices, and share ideas on one screen.

Getaway Units

The Getaway is a portable solution that delivers users easy access to power and USB charging ports, and 4 HDMI "Show Me" buttons. Its lightweight design and included carrying case allow it to be easily transported among multiple spaces saving on technology costs.

Marina units offer a built in solution that allows several meeting attendees to share one screen.

Marina Units

The Marina is a built in, self-contained media sharing solution. Sliding doors reveal power, USB charging ports, and data capabilities in addition to 4 HDMI "Show Me" buttons.

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