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Seclusion Hide It Kit for Recessed Desktop Installation

  • Buy 2 - 5 and get 5% off
  • Buy 6 or above and get 10% off

Product Description

  • Seclusion Hide It Kit offers recessed desktop installation for Seclusion power data stations
  • Seclusion power data station SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Lift open grommet is available in two sizes to accommodate varying Seclusion series models
  • Kit includes decorative flange with hinged lid and cable basket with two telecom plate cutouts
  • Recommended surface thickness: 3/4" to 1-1/2"
  • Available in four stylish finishes
  • Small configuration accommodates the following Seclusion units: 2 power only, 2 power/2 USB, 2 power/2 USB-C, 2 power/1 USB/1 USB-C
  • Large configuration accommodates the following Seclusion units: 2 power/1 Telecom Plate, 2 Power/2 USB/ 1 Telecom Plate, 2 Power/2 USB-C/1 Telecom Plate, 2 Power/1 USB/1 USB-C/1 Telecom Plate, 4 Power Only, 4 Power/2 USB, 4 Power/4 USB, 4 Power/2 USB-C, 4 Power/1 USB/1 USB-C, 4 Power/2 USB/2 USB-C
  • Those Seclusion units not listed here are not compatible with the Hide It Kit
  • Price per Hide It Kit

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