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Which Style Stall Is Best For My Situation?

Which Style Stall Is Best For My Situation?

Posted by Gary Lederman on 20th Feb 2016

Which style stall is best for my situation? is a question you should certainly ask yourself during the divider purchase process. Bathroom Partitions are designed for use in all types of bathrooms for various uses with four unique styles to choose from: Overhead Braced, Floor Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, and Floor to Ceiling Mounted. The majority of bathroom partition applications can't go wrong with the Overhead Braced style; but discuss your options with stakeholders to decide on the best option for your particular bathroom. Let's take a look at what makes each style distinctive?

Illustration of an Overhead Braced partition configuration.

Overhead Braced

Overhead Braced is the most common style for bathroom partitions. This design has vertical support pilasters that are bolted to the floor with an aluminum rail that runs along the top of the pilasters. Overhead Braced is one of the strongest installation styles because it provide support at the floor as well as above the partitions.

Illustration of a Floor Mounted partition configuration.

Floor Mounted

Floor Mounted bathroom partitions are similar to the Overhead Braced style with the exception that the aluminum rail installed above the partitions is omitted. Because the aluminum support rail is not included, this is the least stable installation style. Its use is only recommended for bathroom applications with ceiling heights below 84".

Illustration of a Ceiling Mounted partition configuration.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling Mounted installations feature vertical support pilasters bolted to the ceiling instead of the floor. Think of this as an upside down version of the Floor Mounted style. The Ceiling Mounted style makes cleaning restroom floors much easier and more thorough with the absence of bathroom partition installation hardware on the floor. This style cannot be used with drop ceilings.

Illustration of a Floor to Ceiling Mounted partition configuration.

Floor to Ceiling

Floor to Ceiling Mounted bathroom partitions are the strongest—and most expensive—style available. With vertical support pilasters anchored to the floor and ceiling, this bathroom partition style can withstand the most abuse. The exact ceiling height will be needed so the vertical support pilasters can be tailored to your application.

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