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Bathroom Partition Materials | What Is The Difference?

Bathroom Partition Materials | What Is The Difference?

Posted by Gary Lederman on 15th Feb 2016

Bathroom partition materials vary in features and price. Many options are available for both cost sensitive customers and demanding, high-end projects. There are options for all situations. When selecting, consider: the installation environment, required durability, desired aesthetics, and the project budget. Before choosing the perfect bathroom partition materials, consider these four key factors:

  • Environment
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Price

Collection of Baked Enamel / Powder
Coated partition material samples.

Baked Enamel / Powder Coated

Steel Powder Coated / Baked Enamel compartment systems are economical and long lasting. Our Baked enamel system provides the toughest paint finish in the industry as measured by ASTM standards for salt spray, humidity, and impact. Rounded stile and door edges provide a soft relief and prevent edge chipping. This popular material is constructed with a panel of honeycomb cardboard covered by a thick sheet of metal and completed with powder coated paint finish. A colored powder is applied to the steel and then run through an oven, where the powder is baked to a tough and durable finish.

• Most economical choice for schools, office buildings and religious facilities

• Custom colors available upon request

• Finish is durable and impact resistant

• Quality baked enamel finish

• Designed for moderate traffic applications

Collection of Plastic Laminate partition material samples.

Plastic Laminate

Plastic Laminate compartment systems are a most popular choice, especially when the design requires flexibility, aesthetics, and economy. Plastic Laminate components utilize NEMA GP-50 high-pressure laminate and a substrate of industrial grade 45 lb density particleboard. Bonding the edges before face laminate promotes water runoff and inhibits deterioration. We feature a full range of designer colors, patterns, and finishes. Heavy-duty cast chrome plated non-ferrous hinges and brackets are standard.

• Corrosion resistant

• Plywood core available

• Provides durability and low maintenance

• Largest variety of colors

• Designed for areas with moderate traffic

• Scratches can be repaired with laminate fill products

Collection of Solid Phenolic partition material samples.

Solid Phenolic

Solid Phenolic compartment systems provide strength, durability, color, finish selection, and design flexibility. Phenolic partitions are ideal for high traffic public buildings, schools, and institutional facilities. A virtually indestructible core makes it suitable for wet areas.

• Graffiti, dent, and scratch resistant

• Water vapor impermeable

• Corrosion, rust, and chemical resistant

• Odor, stain and mildew resistant

• Warp resistant, bulletproof, and won’t delaminate

• Fire rated: UL Class B Rating

• 25 year Warranty

• Designed for high humidity and high traffic areas

• Low maintenance

Collection of Solid Plastic partition material samples.

Solid Plastic

Solid plastic high-density polyethylene compartment systems utilize the latest polymer resin technology. Virtually maintenance free, solid plastic partitions are recommended for parks, schools, recreational facilities and high traffic or high humidity locations.

• Graffiti, dent, and scratch resistant

• Water vapor impermeable

• Corrosion, rust, and chemical resistant

• Odor, stain and mildew resistant

• 15 year Warranty

• Fire rated: UL Class B Rating

• Virtually maintenance free

• Never needs painting

• Non-absorbent

Collection of Stainless Steel partition material samples.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel compartment systems are considered the finest in the industry and the ultimate solution for installations where appearance and strength are prime considerations. Soft brushed satin, stainless steel material has soft rounded door and stile edges. Our superior design imparts a visual beauty unmatched by any other system. Stainless Steel partitions are ideal for high humidity applications where rust and corrosion are potential concerns.

• Chemical, corrosion, and stain resistant

• Odor and mildew resistant

• Used in airports, hotels public restrooms, and stadiums

• Designed to handle heavy traffic areas

• Buffing removes scratches from satin finish

• Recommended for high humidity areas

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