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Vandal Resistant Toilet, Dressing, and Shower Compartments

Vandal Resistant Toilet, Dressing, and Shower Compartments

Posted by Gary Lederman on 26th Feb 2016

We can help with bathroom graffiti!

Vandal resistant toilet, dressing, and shower compartments are essential in some situations. Restrooms, dressing rooms, and shower areas that are prone to vandalism greatly benefit from our selection of graffiti and scratch resistant partition materials.

Our Solid Plastic and Solid Phenolic materials stand up to graffiti created by commercial spray paint and permanent marker. Because these materials are durable and non-porous, graffiti remover can be safely used without causing damage to the components or finish. This also prevents ghosting of graffiti images that have been cleaned from the surface.

These materials also protect against scratches in the material surface in unique ways. Our Solid Plastic material has textured surfaces that make the panels difficult to mar.

Solid Phenolic and Solid Plastic are graffiti resistant.

Scratches that are created by vandals are difficult to see and protect the appearance of your partitions and compartments. Solid Phenolic has a smooth surface, but it is incredibly hard and strong. The hardness of the material deters vandals by preventing scratching and denting of the material surface.

Buy these maximum durability stalls today - shop our wide selection of Solid Phenolic and Solid Plastic bathroom partition configurations.

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