Bathroom, Shower, Dressing Stalls | Color Charts

Bathroom, Shower, Dressing Stalls | Color Charts

Posted by Gary Lederman on 15th Feb 2016

Bathroom, shower, dressing stalls are offered in a wide range of colors and patterns. Available finishes depend on which of the five partition materials you select: Baked Enamel/Powder Coated, Plastic Laminate, Solid Phenolic, Solid Plastic, and Stainless Steel. Links to PDF color charts showing the available options are below.

Baked Enamel Color Chart Thumbnail Plastic Laminate Patterns And Wood Color Chart Thumbnail Plastic Laminate Solid Color Chart Thumbnail Solid Phenolic Color Chart Thumbnail Solid Plastic Color Chart Thumbnail Stainless Steel Color Chart Thumbnail

When you're ready to submit a quote request or your order, you can follow these steps to specify your color choice:

• Access the chart by clicking the appropriate thumbnail above. A large version of the chart will display in your browser or download, as a PDF.

• Print the color chart, then mark your choice and supply the requested information by hand. Or you can edit the PDF file digitally.

• Fax (443-279-0015) the document or email us a scan/photograph of the chart. Note your order number and name in the message.

If you can't find a finish that will work well for you, don't worry. Just call (800-260-0907), message, or chat with us. We have access to most major partition manufacturer's palettes and will find the perfect color or texture for your bathroom partition project.

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