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What Will My Bathroom Partition Order Include?

What Will My Bathroom Partition Order Include?

Posted by Chris Bielut on 13th Dec 2017

Some of the materials typically included in a partition order: dividers, brackets, latches, fasteners.

What will my Bathroom partition order include? you may ask yourself. Partitions from Harbor City Supply include panels, pilasters, doors, and hardware. Detailed shop drawings and installation instructions are also provided. This applies to all finishes, materials, and styles. You’ll receive everything needed for a complete installation.

1) Panels, pilasters, and doors

• Quantities, sizes, materials, and finishes are specific to your partition order

2) Hardware for installation and operation

• Brackets to attach panels and pilasters to each other and bathroom walls

• Brackets to attach pilasters to the floor and/or ceiling

• Stainless steel pilaster shoes

• Headrail, for overhead braced partitions, and mounting brackets

• Door hardware: hinges, latches, locks, strikes, keepers, bumpers, and hooks

• Tamper proof screws and several compatible bits

• Partition installation requires wall blocking

• Specialized and replacement hardware is available at additional cost

3) Installation instructions and personalized shop drawings

• Personalized shop drawings are provided before order shipment. These show the size of gaps between components and the correct placement of panels, pilasters, and doors.

• Installation instructions, produced by the partition manufacturer, are included with the shop drawings. These explain how to use the brackets, fasteners and other hardware.

• Keep these PDFs and print copies of both for reference. Both are required for successful installation.

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