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Humidity and Moisture Resistant Materials | Perfect for Wet Conditions

Humidity and Moisture Resistant Materials | Perfect for Wet Conditions

Posted by Gary Lederman on 26th Feb 2016

Humidity and moisture resistant materials are required in shower rooms, pool areas, and high humidity spaces. Consider durable toilet partition, shower compartment, and dressing compartment materials that will be resistant to direct contact with water and moisture in the air. Solid Plastic and Solid Phenolic are the best materials for high moisture areas.

Assortment of Solid Plastic partition material samples.

Solid Plastic

Solid Plastic material is composed of non-porous HDPE (high density polyethylene) that has a homogenous color composition throughout each component. The homogenous color makes scratches in the surface of the material difficult to see. Graffiti is easily removed since the HDPE material is formulated with a non-abrasive cleaner. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean Solid Plastic components. Because Solid Plastic is non-porous, moisture cannot penetrate the surface to create mold or rust. To maintain the look and strength of the compartments, Solid Plastic compartments are paired with rust resistant aluminum mounting hardware. Solid Plastic mounting hardware is also available upon request.

Assortment of Solid Phenolic partition material samples.

Solid Phenolic

Solid Phenolic material is composed of layers of plastic laminate that are fused together under high pressure. The resulting material is highly resistant to moisture and is very difficult to scratch. Graffiti can be easily cleaned with a mild cleaning solution. Solid Phenolic compartments are paired with heavy duty stainless steel hardware that can support the weight of Solid Phenolic components and also resist moisture in showers, pool areas, and humid climates. Solid Phenolic is comparably priced to Solid Plastic, but offers a wider array of color options from the full line of Formica, Wilson Art, and Nevamar laminates. 

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