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Grab Bars In Accessible Toilet Compartments | ADA Approved

Grab Bars In Accessible Toilet Compartments | ADA Approved

Posted by Gary Lederman on 14th Feb 2016


GRAB BARS with circular cross-sections must have an outside diameter of 1-1⁄4 inches (32mm) minimum and 2 inches (51mm) maximum. Non circular profiles such as ovals and rounded rectangles are allowed. Also note that maximum and minimum horizontal mounting heights of grab bars are set to the top of the gripping surface instead of the centerline. The sidewall grab bar next to an accessible toilet in a compartment must be 42 inches (1065mm) long minimum (48 inch recommended grab bar length eliminates many installation compliance problems) located 12 inches (305mm) maximum from the rear wall and extending 54 inches (1370mm) minimum from the rear wall (Fig. 12a). The 2009 ICC/ANSI Standards now require a vertical 18 inch bar located 39 to 41 inches (990 to 1040mm) off of the back wall (Fig. 12a)

The location of the 36 inch (915mm) grab bar required to be mounted on the rear wall behind an accessible toilet is now more clearly defined with the inclusion of a 24 inch (610mm) minimum requirement to the open side of the fixture centerline (Fig. 8).

Grab bar length and location are now the same regardless of whether the installation is in a toilet compartment or in an individual toilet room or bathroom.


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