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Door Stops: Which One is Right for My Door?

Door Stops: Which One is Right for My Door?

Posted by Chris Bielut on 8th Jan 2018

Door stops are intended to keep doors from damaging walls, other doors, or even their own hardware. Many different types are available. But with different types comes the choice over which door stop is right for you.

Image of a PDQ door or wall mount stop.

Door or Wall Mount - These door stops can be mounted either on the wall or on the door that would potentially make contact. Available in aluminum, heavy duty, angled, or as a coiled spring, these stops are the most versatile and common.

Image of a PDQ wall mount door stop.

Wall Mount - Wall mounted door stops include a metal mounting plate and body with a concave or convex rubber bumper. These stops are easy to mount and will not intrude on any floor space. Simply line these stops up with a doors knob or lever, and enjoy lasting protection for walls and door hardware.

Image of a PDQ floor mount door stop.

Floor Mount - A floor mounted door stop is ideal when you want to limit door travel and protect items or furniture in the door’s path, rather than just a wall. Due to sturdy metal construction, floor stops will withstand regular impacts from use. Typically, mounting is simple thanks to pre-drilled holes. Low-profile options are also available to reduce any tripping hazard in high traffic areas.

Image of a PDQ adhesive baked rubber wall mounted bumper.

Adhesive Back - Adhesive back door stops are designed to be versatile in their mounting. Simply peel back the adhesive back and stick to walls, tubs, cabinets, or anywhere that runs the risk of being hit by a door.

Image of a PDQ hinge mounted stop.

Hinge Mount - Hinge mounted door stops are easy to install on a door’s existing hinges and provide protection without the need for wall or floor mounting. Hinge mounts are also discreet and ideal for bathrooms where door travel might hit a toilet or vanity.

Image of a PDQ roller stop.

Roller Stops - Roller stops are designed to be used in between two doors to keep them from damaging one another. Rubber roller will allow doors to travel and operate smoothly without the risk of pushing one knob through the other door. Both straight and curved options are available for slightly different mounting options.

Image of a PDQ keeper.

Keepers - Keepers are intended to hold doors open in public areas and are often a part of a protective door stop. Usually keepers take the form of an additional hook and latch but can also be as simple as a kick down door stop. Use keepers to improve accessibility in high traffic areas while still providing protection from slams.

All door stops will include a protective rubber tip or bumper. This is designed to reduce noise and also keep from damaging the door’s finish. Most stops are made from either cast brass or steel for durable protection during regular, high-traffic use. Shop our complete selection of PDQ Door Stops and other Flat Goods today for all your commercial door hardware needs.

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