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Why Do I Need A Height Adjustable Desk?

Why Do I Need A Height Adjustable Desk?

Posted by Gary Lederman on 21st Aug 2017

"Why do I need a height adjustable desk?", you may ask yourself. ConSet Height Adjustable Desks are an asset to those suffering from back pain during the work day. Often, customers will visit our website and see ConSet desks that can rise and fall with the push of a button, then wonder: "is this a necessity or just a luxury for fancy offices?" My answer is very simple. If you like to stand up and get away from your desk to “stretch” (read that as slack off work for a little bit), then don’t get a height adjustable desk. You’ll become instantly more productive. Okay, maybe not instantly, but you get the idea.

Image of a height adjustable desk with an optional table top.

A Conset height adjustable desk can be an asset if you find yourself suffering from back pain during your work day. I know this from personal experience because I have great bosses who purchased a height adjustable desk for me. They noticed I would stand up or walk around the office periodically during the day. I think I may have done a few downward dogs and sun salutations to stretch my back which got quite a few stares, but I digress. Having this desk has helped me a lot. If I need to stretch my legs or alleviate my back pain, I press a button on my desk and I’m upwardly mobile. I can continue working while I stand and still feel comfortable. Do you want to know the number two question I get? Ask and you shall receive. Of course our customers want to know will this fit their work area. The great thing is, these desks come in so many different sizes and configurations.

There are wall mounted versions for the troublemaker in your office who the boss put in time out, but they still need to finish that Powerpoint presentation that’s due by the end of the day. There are narrow twin leg versions for those of you confined to the dark recesses of a cubicle. For the head honcho in your office, there are even large corner desk versions. You won’t be confined by size or shape options, but your back and legs will thank you for making the leap to a height adjustable desk. And don’t forget a CPU holder to mount to the underside of your desk. Trust me, you’ll want to do that right now. I knocked over my CPU at my workstation and was without it and my height adjustable desk for a week. I was not a happy camper. So in the interest of paying it forward, get a CPU holder!

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