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Loox5 Getting Started: Which LED Lighting Driver Do I Need?

Loox5 Getting Started: Which LED Lighting Driver Do I Need?

Posted by Andrew Flannery on 21st Jul 2023

Loox5 Drivers plug directly in wall outlets to convert the electrical current into a suitable voltage to power your lighting system. Explore different models that offer varying roles and power outputs to fit your needs.

Voltage- Loox5 offers 12 and 24 volt systems to choose for your lighting setup. 12 volt systems are more cost effective and are better for less complex setups. 24 volt systems offer higher luminosity outputs for LED lights and have the option to run higher wattages than 12 volts. Any other components you plan to connect (including lights, distributors, and connectors) must be from the same voltage system for everything to work.

Wattage- Driver models offer different wattage options to accommodate the switches and lights you plan to attach. Every light and wired switch you plug in to your system will have a specified wattage draw. The total wattage of all the lights and switches in the connected system must be less than the wattage rating of the driver for everything to work properly.

Having a 12 volt system will suit you best if you don't plan to have a complex lighting system. Our main 12v driver is available in 20, 40, and 60 watts for power output options. 12 volt would be ideal if you want to illuminate drawers, light your bedroom, or accent shelving.




If you want a more complex system with multiple distributors and lights connected, we would recommend choosing a 24 volt system.   Our most popular 24v driver outputs 20, 40, and 90 watts, but we also carry a heavy duty driver that outputs 270 watts for bigger projects. Places where a 24 volt system would be more convenient to set up could be kitchens, lobbies, galleries, classrooms, and other large spaces.




How to connect your Loox5 driver to your lighting system:

After plugging your driver into the wall outlet, you will have to connect a distributor which has ports to connect switches and lights. Easily connect Box to Box by snapping the distributor directly to the driver. This compact setup will almost look like a single unit, making it easy to hide away out of sight. Extension Leads can be used to create distance between the driver and distributor for added flexibility. Both the 12v and 24v systems feature an extension lead that simply connects into ports on the driver and distributor to make a connection.


Shop Components to Complete Your Custom System

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