LED Lighting | Types of Switches

LED Lighting | Types of Switches

Posted by Gary Lederman on 14th Jan 2016

The switch is like the DJ of your entire light layering design. Even though the driver is the core of any design and the LEDs give illumination, it’s the switch that controls every aspect of your room’s mood and function. We have switches and modules to solve even the most intricate lighting situations. Whether it’s a simple on/off switch or a remote controlled RGB light display, we have everything needed to bring your ideas to life.

There are several different types of switches available. Each one serves a unique purpose.

On/Off Push Switch – It’s a basic switch. Turn your lighting system on or off with a push of a button.

Sensor Switch - Move your hand near the switch and the light turns on. The perfect choice when your hands are wet or full of cookie dough and you need more light.

Motion Detector Switch - Walk into a room and the lights automatically turn on. No more fumbling around in the dark finding the light switch.

Door Contact Switch - These are great for inside a cabinet or drawer. Open the cabinet door and the light goes on. Close the door and the light goes off.

Door Sensor Switch - It’s similar to the Door Contact Switch except no physical contact with the switch is necessary. This switch senses the door movement.

Dimmer Switch - The dimmer switch is very popular. With a simple adjustment the mood of your room changes. Task lights become accent lights or vise versa. Lights can go from bright working lights to soft night-lights.

Multi White Remote Switches - Some lights have the ability to change from warm white to cool white. Our remote controlled switches can smoothly change the color temperature of the light. Don’t worry, if you misplace the remote we have replacements in stock.

RGB Color Mixer With Remote Switch - The RGB (Red, Green Blue) color mixer is remotely controlled. The light colors can easily be adjusted and changed to achieve the desired effect.

Picking out the type of switch is only half the fun. Placement of switches, which light or group of lights are controlled, and types of switches really makes you the DJ of your lighting design.

Plug and Play Modules make the possibilities endless and easily changeable. Here are some of the more common switch layouts.

One switch controlling all of your lights.

One light layer controlled by a wall switch.

One light layer controlled by one, two or even three switches in different locations.

Control one or a group of lights in one light layer.

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