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LED Lighting | Types of Drivers

LED Lighting | Types of Drivers

Posted by Gary Lederman on 11th Jan 2016

The driver is at the center of the Loox LED Light System. It converts your higher voltage, alternating current power source to low voltage, direct current to properly power your LED lights. Drivers protect from voltage or current fluctuations. A change in voltage could cause a change in the current being supplied to the LEDs. LED lights are rated to operate within a certain current range (measured in amps). Too much or too little current can cause light output to vary or degrade faster due to higher temperatures within the LED.

The quick connect, plug and play, driver allows you to easily customize the system in accordance with your requirements using add-on modules. The flexible and modular system components make it possible to have a wide range of applications and solutions, simplify installation, and provide limitless combinations of different lights and switches. Clear color coding of the plugs make the system easy to assemble and install. It can easily be installed without the need for an electrician.

Loox has three types of Drivers. 12 Volt and 24 Volt (parallel connection) for universal applications ranging from ambient light to functional light with different light outputs and 350mA (series connection) designed for spot lighting with low wattage. 

12 Volt Loox Driver - The LED lights are voltage-controlled and connected in parallel in the 12V system. The plugs on the driver can be freely allocated. It has an integrated switching function and connections for all of the most popular types of switches. 12V lights are the most widespread at present.

24 Volt Loox Driver - Technically speaking the 24V system is identical to the 12V system, but with a considerably higher power level. 24V lights can therefore be used when extremely bright lights are required. The integrated switching function and connections for all of the most popular types of switches make it possible to make future changes or additions in a flash.

350mA (mille amp) Loox Driver - The LED lights in the 350mA system are current-controlled and connected in series. This means that each plug has to be either occupied or bypassed. 350mA lights provide extremely high light power and are particularly suitable for spotlighting. It has an integrated switching function and provides a connection for all of the most popular types of switches.

What size driver should I use?

LED drivers should be paired with LED lights that use 20% less than their maximum rated wattage. Drivers should not be paired with an LED that is at or exceeds the driver’s maximum wattage to avoid over stressing the driver components. Here are two examples:

  • If you have a driver that can operate a maximum of 60 watts, it should only operate LEDs that use a combined 48 watts (60 x 0.8 = 48)
  • If you have a group of LEDs that combined add up to 40 watts, you should use a driver of at least 50 watts (40 / 0.8 = 50)

Can lights from different systems work together?

We have several converters to make adding LEDs from one system to another as simple as plug and play. Switching options, power source locations and design restraints may not always make combining different LED light systems the best solution.

Switch Options

Multiple switch locations, dimmers, motion sensors, on/off options, and more design configurations make our plug and play switch converters a must for most LED lighting layouts.

Can I add more lights to a driver?

The maximum number of lights you can add to a driver is only limited to the maximum wattage allowed by using our 80% formula above.

 Do you want to take your lighting project to the next level?

Check out our remote control switches.

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