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Bathroom Accessories for a Covid Safe Restroom

Bathroom Accessories for a Covid Safe Restroom

Posted by Ben Lohn on 29th Oct 2020

As the world returns to activities in public spaces, use of public restrooms is inevitable. Much as we all may dread it, that doesn't mean we can't do everything possible to make it a safer experience. While constant cleaning and disinfecting is the best way to prevent spreading germs, there is no way to be constantly cleaning any bathroom. Installing the right bathroom accessories can improve sanitation and keep occupants safe when multiple people are present.

Commercial Soap Dispensers

Automatic Soap Dispensers - Automatic soap dispensers have become a staple in public restrooms. Eliminate contact points while also making it easier for users to thoroughly wash their hands. Encouraging simple hygiene among users is the best way to keep occupants safe and cut down on the spread of Covid.

Solid Plastic Sink Divider Screens

Sink Divider Screens - Solid Plastic Sink Divider Screens are a new addition to bathrooms in a Covid world that improve social distancing and prevent the spread of germs while also increasing privacy. No longer will particulates be able to spread between users at a sink thanks to easy-to-clean, bacteria resistant solid plastic panels.

Automatic Commercial Hand Dryer

Automatic Hand Dryers - Automatic hand dryers continue to cut down on contact points within a restroom. Cut down on time users spend in the restroom, as well as cutting janitorial staff time spent restocking paper towels and removing waste.

Solid Plastic Hand Dryer Divider Screens

Hand Dryer Dividers Screens - All new hand dryer divider screens prevent germs from spreading while drying hands. By eliminating particles spreading from users, solid plastic divider screens allow more occupants in an area while still being safe.

Nothing will be able to replace the importance of thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and social distancing in public spaces. Removing touch points in public restrooms using hands-free technology, we can cut down on germs left on surfaces between cleanings. Divider screens will help promote social distancing as well as prevent the spread of airborne pathogens. Together we can help keep public spaces safe and comfortable for all users. Contact Harbor City Supply today for help setting up your Covid-safe bathroom

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