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Babcock Davis Roll Up Mat MatDesign - Vinyl Abrasive Tread

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Product Description

The MatDesign roll-up mat is a great solution for entrances with light traffic flow. Ball and socket hinges enable the MatDesign to roll up and out of the way for easy cleaning, while drain holes in the aluminum rails allow dirt and dampness to pass through the mat.

Vinyl Abrasive inserts are made from a flexible abrasive that's bonded to a recycled plastic base. They're suitable for use when excellent slip resistance is required.

MatDesign roll-up mats are covered by a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Rail Material: Aluminum
  • Depth: 3/8"
  • Tread: Vinyl Abrasive
  • Rail Finish: Mill, Clear, or Color Anodized (Black, Medium Bronze)
  • Frames: Level Bed (Cast-In, Mechanically Fastened) or Surface Mount (Mechanically Fastened)
  • Rolling Load Capacity: 350 pounds per wheel
  • Warranty: 2 years

Color Charts and Frame Details for MATdesign Roll Up Mat

F-3 Frame F-4 Frame F-6 Frame Anodized Aluminum Colors Vinyl Abrasive Color Chart