Public Restroom Toilet Stall Partitions and Bathroom Accessories

We sell a full line of public restroom hardware, partitions, and bathroom accessories for any new public restroom construction or remodeling project. offers product lines from all major toilet partition and bathroom accessories manufacturers, including Bobrick, Bradley, ASI, Comtec, Columbia, Mills, Global Partitions, Koala, and A&J Washroom. And be sure to secure your public restroom and toilet partitions project with our decorative and locking door hardware collection including both residential and commercial door hardware, door pulls, thresholds, hinges, and other door accessories.

A business is often judged by the design, time, and effort put into their public restrooms and a clean, easily accessible baby changing station for a crying infant or simple, well placed safety grab bars for the elderly go a long way in attracting and retaining customers. We're here to help you with new public restroom hardware as well as with replacement partition hardware to help maintain and spruce up existing restroom fixtures. We also carry commercial hardware accessories for other areas of your project, including access panels and roof hatches, door levers and exit panic devices, and fire extinguishers and cabinets.