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About Kimball & Young
 Kimball & Young is America's largest importer of high quality magnification mirror products.


Standards of magnification
Most consumers accept 4X or 5X as ideal
Customers with poor eyesight often ask for greater than 5X.
For customers with good vision 3x can be sufficient.

How does a mirror magnify? Through bent-glass magnification.
The more curvature the higher the magnification.
Generally speaking, most larger diameter mirrors have less magnification
than smaller mirrors

Three-year warranty on all finishes and reflective materials.
Mirror frames pre-tensioned, never needing adjustment. Weighted and padded bases on all Vanity Stand Models. Many
wall mirrors feature hidden hardware for a superior appearance. Buyers from some of the best Hotels have chosen
Kimball & Young Mirrors (Hilton, Starwood, Ritz Carlton, Trump, etc.).

What about metal and finishes?
 Most stamped mirror parts are steel. Brass is used whenever possible. The base metal is bathed in neutralizing water,
then polished and finally dipped in pre-plating nickel solution. Finishes are then applied and lacquer coated if appropriate.
Currently Kimball & Young offers Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Gold Brass and Chrome with Gold accents.

What are the differences between different light bulbs?
Fluorescent 20-watt bulb, gives 75 watts of illumination. Brighter and cooler to touch. Mirror is heavier due to the transformer
and supporting design. Incandescent 25, 30, 40 watt bulbs. Less expensive, warmer to the touch. Halo-Lighted Mirror Lens
Superior all-around lighting, less shadows.