Cable Grommets

Wire management is a must with most computer desks. Use our large oval and rectangular grommets to organize your computer desktop. These cable sets are geared to handle the really big things like surge protectors, electrical wiring outlets, fax/ modem lines and plenty of monitor and computer cables.
Grommets with Rotating Top Executive Grommets push and pinch grommet Metal Grommets 2 1/2"
Metal Grommets 1 9/16" Large Opening Metal Grommets 1 9/16" Small Opening cable set cable set
 Tango Cable Grommets  edge grommet Flexi-Top Grommets
Cable Set Lengthwize Split  Cable Set Crosswize Split  cable set king size Rectangular Grommet
 Paper Guide  Waste Management Liner Paper Guide #2 brush grommet